Sep 5, 2004

21 Reasons Why I Love You

01] I can be myself when I am with you.
02] Your idea of romance is dim lights, soft music, and just the two of us.
03] Because you make me feel like, like, like I have never felt before.
04] I can tell you anything, and you won't be shocked
05] Our undying faith is what keeps the flame out of love alive
06] You and me together, we can make magic.
07] We're a perfect match.
08] Thinking of you, fills me with a wonderful feeling.
09] Your love gives me the feeling, that the best is still ahead.
10] You never give up on me, and that's what keeps me going.
11] You are simply irresistible
12] I love you because you bring the best out of me.
13] Your terrific sense of humor
14] Every time I look at you, my heart misses a beat
15] You're the one who holds the key to my heart
16] You always say what I need to hear (You are perfect).
17] You have taught me the true meaning of love.
18] Love is, what you mean to me - and you mean everything.
19] You are my theme for a dream.
20] I have had the time of my life and I owe it all to you.
21] And, of-course, your intelligence, 'cause you were smart enough to fall in love with me ;-)

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